Bioscience Search Firm Analyzes Job Growth and Innovation

Bioscience Search Firm Analyzes Job Growth and Innovation

Bioscience Search Firm Analyzes Job Growth and Innovation

Berke Executive Search analyzes job growth and innovation within the bioscience industry. In a study released in the summer of 2016 through a partnership with TEConomy and BIO, employment within the US bioscience industry has continued to rise for four consecutive years. The report described several aspects of employment trends in the industry including the number of employees within the industry, average annual wages, innovation ecosystem, and the economic value of bioscience in the US.

Growing Data

The Value of Bioscience Innovation in Growing Jobs and Improving Quality of Life 2016, the report that includes this analysis, states that US bioscience firms employ 1.66 million people and created 147,000 high paying jobs since 2001. These US bioscience employees earn $43,000 more than the overall US private sector wage totaling $94,543. Bioscience’s four of its five largest subsectors have grown 2.2% since 2012 with two of the subsectors- research, testing and medical labs and drugs and pharmaceuticals- increasing by 3% on their own. The US bioscience sector is seeing sturdy advances in venture capital funding and patents, however, bioscience-related university R&D and research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has seen a downturn. The study reports an aggressive emphasis on innovation which usually results in new patents as the driving force behind this behavior.

Study Shows Gene Mutation May Lead to Cushing Syndrome

Berke Executive Search, a Philadelphia based Pharmaceutical executive search firm, discusses NIH’s newest findings in a gene mutation trial. NIH, National Institutes of Health, researchers conducted the study revealing the mutation for the rare disorder in collaboration with research teams in US, France, Canada, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). This study shows gene mutation may lead to Cushing Syndrome could change the way scientists and doctors approach the disease.

Mutation Study

Cushing Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the body produces an excess of the stress hormone cortisol, is often produced by steroid medications or tumors in the pituitary or adrenal glands. Victims of Cushing’s Syndrome are identified through symptoms such as obesity, muscle weakness, fatigue, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, depression and anxiety. The researchers scanned the genes of 146 children with pituitary tumors and 35 adults with Cushing syndrome and pituitary tumors for abnormalities. The study surfaced four patients who have mutant forms of CABLES1 that refused to respond.

Statistic and Market Trends in Biotechnology

Philadelphia, PA- Philadelphia based healthcare search company, Berke Executive Search explored statistic and market trends in biotechnology industry and how the trends will influence decision makers in the field. Market experts best healthcare executive search woman looking into microscopereference the introduction of the Affordable Care Act in 2012 as the beginning of notable changes made throughout the healthcare industry that eventually led to the relevance of biotechnology. To better understand the new combination of healthcare and technology, Berke Executive Search analyzes the research done by Battelle, a leading science, and technology development institute, on biotech in terms of the economy, market trends, and how this all effects the healthcare industry.

In terms of the healthcare industry, biotechnology is used in drugs and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment manufacturing, and research in medical laboratories. The use of biotechnology in human health is the largest sector; accounting for 69% of biotechnology products and services. In line with the industries trend toward growth as of 2015, biotech produced 1% of all jobs in the United States and grew the number of jobs added to the economy by 11%.

Among the many focuses of healthcare influenced by biotech, the three largest contributors to jobs are in-vitro diagnostic substance manufacturing, medical laboratories, and testing laboratories. These jobs are typically high paying with an annual average earning of $110,450. Job growth and higher paying jobs in the field are positively i

Biotech Executive Search Firm Discusses Technologies That are Revolutionizing Biotech

Biotech Executive Search Firm - smiling senior-lab-technicianPhiladelphia, PA – July 19, 2017– Philadelphia-based biotech executive search firm, Berke Executive Search, highlights the progress of biotechnology and how biotech has brought advancements to the healthcare industry. In the last few years, scientists have delved further into biotech and as a result are closer to exceeding human brain power with technology. These advancements are made possible through the work of talent discovered by organizations such as Berke Executive Search. Biotech is responsible for many advancements in healthcare with the largest strides made in prosthetic limbs, cancer detection, and rehabilitation.

Healthcare Executive Search Firm Explores New Life Sciences Treatments

Healthcare Executive Search Firm - Berke Search - ResearchersPhiladelphia, PA – Mar 27, 2017  Philadelphia-based healthcare executive search firm Berke Executive Search explores innovative new life sciences treatments that arise from an unexpected source: camels and llamas. Drawing inspiration from the unique convex shape of these animals’ antibodies, Xin Ge and his colleagues at the University of California, Riverside, developed a new form of treatment to hinder faulty matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). Leveraging this approach could lead to new treatments for a variety of cancers, but also for other diseases that arise from defective proteinases such as Alzheimer’s, asthma, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Best Executive Search Firms: Berke Executive Search Explores Surging Molecular Diagnostics Market

best executive search firms - medical equipment for point of care diagnosis - Berke

Philadelphia, PA – February 27, 2017 – Philadelphia-based company Berke Executive Search, one of the best executive search firms, is exploring the surging molecular diagnostics market, which is expected to surpass $8 billion by the year 2020. The new finding is evidenced in a recent report from Grand View Research, which also suggests that despite North America’s domination of the market, the Asia Pacific Region will exhibit the highest growth rate in the coming years due to the need for diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease solutions.

Healthcare Executive Search Firm Berke Executive Search Explores Potential of Stem Cells for Growing Human Lungs


healthcare executive search - image of body with lungs highlighted - BerkePhiladelphia, PA – Jan 23, 2017 – Philadelphia-based healthcare executive search firm Berke Executive Search is exploring the potential that stem cells hold for growing human lungs, as evidenced by recent research from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Scientists have successfully used stem cells to grow three dimensional lung tissue samples, also referred to as “organoids,” that are each approximately the size of a pea. The method employed by UCLA scientists overcomes limitations posed by standard lung cell cultures that are created using flat cultures.

Retained Executive Search Firm, Berke Executive Search, Examines New Bayer-Versant Investment in Biotechnology Venture

Retained Executive Search Firm

Philadelphia, PA – December 20, 2016 –Philadelphia-based company Berke Executive Search, a leading retained executive search firm, is examining the new joint venture between German healthcare company Bayer and Versant Ventures, a United States life sciences venture capital firm. The new investment is planned to give $225 million into a Toronto-based firm that specializes in stem cell therapy.

Executive Search Firm Berke Executive Search Opens New Office Location

Executive Search Firm - Gloved researcher looking at a 3D image of GlioblastomaPhiladelphia, PA – November 21, 2016 – Philadelphia-based company Berke Executive Search is a leading executive search firm known for their ability to connect companies within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with the knowledge and expertise that they need. Berke Executive Search has now opened a new office location at Jupiter Executive Office Suites, located at 601 Heritage Drive, Suite 129 in Jupiter, Florida, which can be contacted using the same phone number as the other two locations.

Creating a team of professionals with the skills and talents needed for your company’s short-term and long-term goals is a difficult task, one that requires an in-depth assessment to find individuals with the expertise needed to bolster the growth of your business and help you become a strong presence in the global market.

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