Case Studies

Case Studies

Eagle Pharmaceuticals


Build executive team to take new organization and product from innovative startup to recognized player in global specialty pharma market.



  • COO and Chief Medical Officer
  • VP of Product Development
  • Executive VP and CFO
  • VP of Regulatory Affairs




Eagle in its infancy was an unknown entity. Yet its leadership needs called for executives and scientists with exceptional levels of expertise. How would Eagle be able to draw the kind of talent it required without being a recognized name? As a startup, Eagle’s investors had a keen interest in the company’s growth and success to say the least. They recognized the importance of having the right people for these critically important leadership positions and with so much at stake were extremely discriminating when it came to the quality of the candidate search. Some investors were not necessarily concentrated in the specialty pharma industry and were more familiar with larger generalized executive search firms than with Berke.



With Carl’s depth of experience and network of relationships within the pharmaceutical industry, he was able to identify excellent candidates for the Eagle management team. These candidates were at the time in high-profile positions at some of the industry’s most recognized corporations. Carl used his credibility and relationships to connect with these candidates, explain the significance and opportunities Eagle represented, and offer compelling reasons why someone in their situation would want to make this career move to Eagle.
Berke’s small size, specialization in the pharmaceutical industry, and expertise in assisting startup and emerging growth businesses helped Berke immediately target the best individuals within the industry for Eagle’s very specific needs. Berke’s experience and skill at working with investors and boards of directors helped convince the investors that their interests were at the forefront of the search. Carl was able to personally interact with the investors, establish credibility with them, and show through his performance that he would meet all of their objectives more nimbly and with more focus than a larger search firm would be able to accomplish.


As a boutique firm performing a select number of searches strictly within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Berke was able to build a leadership team to take this innovative organization from startup to emerging growth status and beyond. Berke was able to efficiently put a stellar leadership team in place by pairing insider industry knowledge with the skill and credibility to win the confidence of both elite candidates and discriminating investors.

“I have worked extensively with Carl over the past fifteen years with three separate companies. Together, we have developed outstanding teams. Carl provides candidates that have the capability of meeting the position goals. More importantly, however, Carl acts as a partner and is very insightful in recommending candidates that can grow within the organization and would be successful within the unique culture of a particular organization. Time and time again, I turn to Carl to help me build a winning team. He has always been, and continues to be, the first person I contact as I build departments across all functional areas. I rely on him frequently, and he rarely disappoints.”
Scott Tarriff, President & CEO, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc.

URL Pharma


Place an entire team to transition organization from a generic pharmaceutical company to specialty pharmaceutical 505(b)(2), including development and launch of new high-profile product.



  • Chief Medical Officer
  • CFO
  • VP of Research and Development
  • VP of Marketing





URL Pharma was a successful but relatively lean generic pharmaceutical company when it was acquired by global giant Takeda. Not only would the organization need to make the transition from a generic firm to 505(b)(2) status, but it would also have to develop and launch its new product Colcrys within the same timeframe, all requiring a multi-talented spectrum of talent.


URL was in a very unique position requiring a team of leaders with very specific skill sets and experience. Through Carl’s extensive network of industry professionals and knowledge of which individuals had experience in development and marketing of products similar to Colcrys and/or in the management of company transitions similar to the one URL was undergoing, he was able to target just the right candidates to successfully transform URL into its new presence in the industry.


With his industry knowledge and experience, Carl was able to quickly understand and analyze the particular specifications this new team required for its transition, product development and launch, and overall growth. He was able to use his extensive network of relationships within the industry to target the right individuals to fit these unique needs and to take URL to its new generation successfully and with confidence.

“We have worked with Carl Berke for over ten years across multiple searches and many placements of vice presidents and directors in the pharmaceutical industry. Carl’s reach is extensive. I think that one of Carl’s strongest attributes, as a recruiter, is that he strives to learn our positional needs, corporate culture, and the people who will work with the individual who we seek, and then he is careful to try to send résumés to us of people who should fit well within our structure. Carl follows up after our interviews, not to push a candidate on us, but to understand why a candidate was not right for us to further fine tune, or target, the next candidates that he sends to us. I have found Carl to have the utmost integrity. We continue to work with Carl because he delivers quality and he does the up-front work to not waste our time.”
Richard Roberts, Former CEO, URL Pharma, Inc.
“I have worked with Carl Berke for many years in searches for high-level pharmaceutical executives. Because Carl has spent the time to understand our business throughout the years we have worked with him, he has always been able to promptly identify highly relevant potential candidates that would be likely to thrive in our organization. And if the first batch of candidates is not a fit, he refocuses his search based on the feedback he is given until we find the right person.”
E. Brendan Magrab, President, URL Pharma, Inc.

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