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Berke Executive Search, a Leader Among Healthcare Recruiting Firms, Values Molecular Diagnostics

The foundation of any successful healthcare system involves careful examination of diagnostic tests, which identify critical medical information for both health care providers and patients. Diagnostics often provide objective, quantitative measurements that inform every stage of care—prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and successful management of health conditions.  This information is used to help patients and healthcare providers make the right medical decisions.  Unlike countless other healthcare recruiting firms, our team of professionals at Berke Executive Search understands the importance of the emerging field of Molecular Diagnostics.  We are active in building teams to lead the revolution in medicine that this new technology promises.

What New Molecular Diagnostic Technology Promises

Molecular Diagnostics information promises the research industry new insight into the treatment of various diseases – diseases that would otherwise be untreatable.  Measuring and detecting proteins and genetic material that are connected to certain diseases/health conditions enable healthcare professionals the opportunity to offer care to patients on a personalized individual level.

What is “Personalized Medicine?”

The term “personalized medicine” was born from the molecular discovery field and refers to helping clinicians understand the various molecular mechanisms that are necessary in the treatment of an individual’s specific condition. If a patient has a certain genetic mutation, this can influence and even halt their recovery process; however, through the use of personalized medicine, more and more individuals are able to be treated with new and different therapies.  For patients with cancer, identifying the biomarkers and treating them accordingly is especially helpful.  Patients who are struggling with one of the most rapidly mutating cancer, such as triple negative breast cancer, can benefit from the identification of PD-1 and PD-L1 biomarkers through tumor profiling.   The benefits of personalized medicine rest in the treatment of small groups of patients with therapies that target their molecular profile.

The Companion Diagnostic Test

With the help of molecular diagnostic tools, more and more biomarkers are being recognized, which is great news for many with diseases, especially certain cancers. Upon diagnosing the nature of each individual disease, clinicians are granted insight into whether a companion diagnostic or specific therapy is going to be an effective treatment for each specific patient. In addition, the diagnostic test also establishes which therapies have not yet been considered as well as which therapies should be avoided.

Unlike many healthcare recruiting firms, our team knows that Molecular Diagnostics is an innovative new field that is saving the lives of many patients who are dealing with rapidly mutating diseases. Biomarkers act as identifiers for these genetic mutations and provide new information to healthcare professionals and researchers.  At Berke, we understand what components are required to build successful teams that will aid in saving the lives of others.  We are dedicated to finding candidates with the vision, expertise, and passion that this young industry sector requires.  To learn more about Berke Executive Search and the importance of Molecular Diagnostics information visit our website at

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