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Berke Pharmaceutical Executive Search Explores the Different Roles within the Drug Industry

Over the last two decades, a new industry was born to support the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry for services that companies no longer wished to provide themselves. Known as Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, or Contract Research Organizations, these companies helped to make big Pharma more efficient, responsive and provided flexible resources. Our pharmaceutical executive search professionals at Berke have extensive domain knowledge in this space and an unmatched network of contacts. Utilizing the services of an executive recruiting firm that understands the urgency of matching the right individuals with businesses can ensure a company will grow and thrive.

Drug Discovery

Drug discovery is the process of discovering old drugs or designing new ones. Working in the drug discovery industry involves understanding how metabolic pathways relate to specific pathogens or disease states and then proceeding to manipulate them through the use of biochemistry. Universities and research institutions are just some of the locations where drug discovery is traditionally carried out in the very early stages.

Drug Development

Once a compound is identified to act as a potential drug, drug development companies employ the next steps that need to be taken. The most important function of drug developing companies is ensuring the safety of developed drugs by determining the proper dosage and formulation.

Product Approval & Regulation

When new pharmaceutical products are manufactured in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must approve them as safe and effective. The entire procedure involves extensive filling, data, and clinical trials. If the benefits ratio is substantially positive, the drug is approved and regulated. Often, a final post-approval phase is also required because even the most in depth clinical trials can sometimes miss rare side-effects.

Drug Manufacturing

One of the fastest growing areas for outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry is drug manufacturing. Drug companies operate facilities worldwide and usually invest millions of dollars towards one particular drug. Our team at Berke Executive Search reaches companies globally to find candidates who add tremendous value and are dedicated to building company success.


Advertising is crucial to the success of any industry and, in the United States, pharmaceutical companies are permitted to advertise directly to the general public. Pharmaceutical sales representatives market industry products to a large network of healthcare providers.

Early in the history of the industry, the designation “CRO” indicated a company that was involved in the Contract Development of a drug as a “Contract Research Organization”. As the industry evolved, and many other services were outsourced, the term CRO broadened to include a variety of offerings. The graphic below clearly outlines the extent of the areas now covered by outsourcing, and Berke is involved across the entire spectrum:
out source

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly and new markets are emerging in China, Eastern Europe, India, Brazil, and many others. Pharmaceutical factories and facilities are being constructed and effective teams will need to be brought together to operate the businesses at these locations. To learn more about the pharmaceutical executive search services offered by our team at Berke, visit our website at

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