Emerging Growth and Startups

“In the life sciences industry, where change is the only constant, Berke Search is a beacon and trusted advisor to investors and management in assembling quality teams that drive growth.”

Emerging growth and startups are driving innovation and are challenged in attracting talent uniquely suited to entrepreneurial environments. Investors rank the quality of their leadership team to be the leading factor for delivering successful outcomes. Delivering transformative professionals to lead companies in this rapidly growing sector highlights the advantage of partnering with an Executive Search team that has developed a deep domain of relationships in this space.

Creating a team to empower emerging growth, mid-cap, and start-ups with the right talent and temperament requires particular expertise and an in-depth understanding of the industry. Berke Executive Search not only understands the implications and importance of the right talent for your lean innovative firm, but they also have the experience to build your team for success.

What Berke offers emerging growth companies

ABILITY to coordinate multiple candidate placements at once, with candidates who complement one another and who each contribute to the overall success of your company.
FLEXIBILITY with payment structure to suit your unique financing and investment calendar.
UNDERSTANDING your innovative culture and how crucial identifying the right team is to the strength of your company.
EXPERIENCE working with emerging growth leaders, investors, board members & special financing vehicles.
CREDIBILITY to represent organizations in the startup stage to high-profile candidates and to satisfy their interests and the requirements of investors and boards of directors.

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