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Our Team of Experts


Our Team of Experts

Work With The Best. Get The Best.

The Berke Executive Search team is comprised of Life Science-focused executive search veterans who’ve developed an outstanding reputation—both as individuals and as an organization—for being the best at what we do. Across the industries we represent, the Berke Search team is known as a highly-skilled, deeply trusted group of professionals valued for our authenticity and transparency.

This team has built a dynamic organization that boasts the resources and global reach of a larger practice as well as the responsivity, specialized expertise, and individualized attention that are the hallmarks of high-performing boutique firms. We’ve each spent many years honing our craft and building an ever-expanding industry knowledge base. Each one of our team members is deeply passionate about and tremendously dedicated to the work that we do.

Carl Berke

Managing Partner & CEO

Kerri Kwapinski

VP of Sourcing & Recruitment

Bryan Kennedy

Managing Partner

Christine Tanzella

Head of Research

Rina Fiorenzi

Head of Talent Acquisition