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The Berke Report: Collaboration and Licensing Updates for the First Week of May 2023

Bicycle Therapeutics Announces Collaboration With the German Cancer Research Center, to Discover and Develop Wholly Owned Bicycle® Radio Conjugates for a Range of Oncology Targets (PR)

Bicycle and DKFZ have been collaborating on tumor targeting BRCs which in preclinical studies, have shown superior tumor uptake compared to antibody-based approaches. Results from the preclinical study were published in Cancer Research in February 2019 and can be accessed here. With this new alliance, the relationship has expanded to include a more continuous and purpose-driven commitment towards advancing candidates towards the clinic.

Sernova Announces Research Collaboration with AstraZeneca to Evaluate Novel Potential Therapeutic Cell Applications (PR)

AstraZeneca is exploring the use of Sernova’s Cell Pouch System as a potential platform for integration with its development of the next wave of innovative cell therapies for various indications. Under the terms of the collaboration, AstraZeneca will lead and completely fund the development of the cell technologies and pre- clinical activities in conjunction with Sernova. The discovery work is being funded and conducted at AstraZeneca. The preclinical research outcomes will determine the feasibility of potential therapeutic applications and subsequent product development activities between the two companies.

2seventy bio and Novo Nordisk Collaboration Delivers Key Proof of Concept Data, Triggering $15 Million Preclinical Milestone in In Vivo Gene Editing Hemophilia A Program (PR)

The collaboration agreement with Novo Nordisk builds upon the original research collaboration signed between bluebird bio and Novo Nordisk in 2019 and expanded between 2seventy bio and Novo Nordisk in 2021. It is focused on identifying a development gene therapy candidate for people with hemophilia A, a genetic bleeding disorder resulting from defective Factor VIII. The collaboration utilizes 2seventy bio’s internally developed in vivo mRNA platform as well as megaTAL™ technology that has now shown the potential to provide a specific and efficient way to silence, edit, or insert genetic components.

Maze Therapeutics Announces Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Sanofi (PR)

Agreement for MZE001, an Oral Substrate Reduction Therapy for the Treatment of Pompe Disease Maze to Receive an Aggregate of $150 Million in Upfront Cash and Equity Investment, with Potential for Approximately $600 Million in Aggregate Development, Regulatory and Commercial Milestones 05.01.23 - Immatics Announces First Bristol Myers Squibb Opt-in of TCR-T Candidate from Ongoing Multi-target Strategic Collaboration, Immatics to receive $15M Option (PR) Bristol Myers Squibb exercised its first option and entered into a global license agreement with Immatics for the most advanced TCR-T product candidate from the companies’ ongoing collaboration to develop four TCR-based adoptive cell therapies targeting solid tumors. Immatics to receive an option payment of $15 million and is eligible for additional up to $490 million in milestone payments in addition to tiered royalties on net sales of the product

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