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Project Evolution: A Full Service Solution

We offer an integrated approach that seamlessly combines executive and contingent search strategies, providing an agile solution for businesses to swiftly and effectively scale their workforce. With a focus on fulfilling mid-level to senior positions and an experienced recruitment team, we're proud to provide a full-service solution within the life sciences industry.

How It Works
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Science Lab
Case Studies

We have recently successfully completed 17 assignments ranging from senior to mid-Level positions for a prominent gene therapy firm, a spin-off from Dr. Wilson’s esteemed Gene Therapy Program. Additionally, we've fulfilled 35 mid-level roles for a groundbreaking CAR-T Immuno Oncology company. Explore our detailed case studies for more insights."

About GTS Scientific

GTS Scientific is a life science-focused recruiting firm that specializes in both RPO and contingent searches. The organization has worked with multiple clients across the biotech, pharma, and med device space to fill positions quickly and efficiently. GTS Scientific is a dynamic, skilled, hard-working group of individuals with years of expertise in the recruiting industry.

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