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Executive Search Services

We offer three effective search services: Retained Search, Modified Retained Search, and Exclusive Contingent Search. From personalized and in-depth talent acquisition to efficient and focused searches, we'll find the visionary leaders to drive your organization's success in the dynamic life sciences industry.


Our Retained Search service embodies the epitome of personalized and in-depth talent acquisition. When you opt for this premium service, our dedicated team of expert recruiters will work closely with your organization, investing time and effort to fully comprehend your culture, values, and specific requirements. This comprehensive understanding empowers us to embark on a rigorous and thorough search process, leaving no stone unturned in identifying exceptional candidates who align seamlessly with your organization's vision and mission. Throughout the engagement, we maintain constant communication and provide regular updates, ensuring transparency and collaboration at every step of the search journey.

Modified Retained

For those seeking a more flexible approach, our Modified Retained Search service offers a perfect balance between exclusivity and adaptability. Similar to our Retained Search, you'll benefit from dedicated search efforts and personalized attention, but with the added advantage of exploring other talent avenues. This option is ideal for organizations that require a tailored search process while keeping room for additional talent possibilities that may arise during the course of the search. Our Modified Retained Search service allows you to remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the industry while ensuring you still benefit from our expert guidance and extensive network.

Exclusive Contingent

Our Exclusive Contingent Search service provides an efficient and focused search experience for organizations seeking exceptional talent on an exclusive basis. With a specialized pool of pre-screened candidates, we tap into our extensive network to swiftly identify top-tier individuals who meet your leadership needs. This streamlined process is designed to expedite the search for executives, ensuring a swift and effective placement without compromising on quality or exclusivity. Our Exclusive Contingent Search service is perfect for organizations that desire a thorough search but may not be ready for a fully retained search model.


Berke Executive Search Delivers Results For Some of Science's Most Cutting-Edge Organizations, Check Out What Some of Our Client's Have to Say About Our Service!

“In the life sciences industry, where change is the only constant, Carl Berke is a beacon and trusted advisor to investors and management in assembling quality teams that drive growth. The Berke team understands the tangible and, most importantly, also the intangible needs and they dig deeper to find the right solution for you.”

Ton Bunt
CEO, Izumi Biosciences

“I have partnered with Carl and Susan both as a candidate and as a hiring leader for the past 3+ years and I must say that every time I am impressed by their exceptional research and thorough understanding of the needs of the client and their ability to match the right candidates.  Carl and Susan have built an impressive network in the industry; coupling that with their relentless pursuit to meet your requirements while understanding the organizational design and strategy of your firm has definitely resulted in helping build strong teams.”

Jaspreet Gill
EVP, Global Quality Compliance

“We have worked with Carl Berke and his team for over ten years across multiple searches and many placements of vice presidents and directors in the pharmaceutical industry. Their reach is extensive. I think that one of the strongest attributes, as a recruiter, is that Carl and his team strive to learn our positional needs, corporate culture, and the people who will work with the individual who we seek, and then they are careful to try to send résumés to us of people who should fit well within our structure. The Berke team follows up after our interviews, not to push a candidate on us, but to understand why a candidate was not right for us to further fine tune, or target, the next candidates that they send to us. I have found the Berke team to have the utmost integrity. We continue to work with Carl Berke and his support because they deliver quality and they do the up-front work to not waste our time.”

Richard Roberts
Former CEO, URL Pharma, Inc.

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