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About Us

Berke Executive Search is a Philadelphia-based boutique executive search firm comprising of seasoned recruiters with profound knowledge in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. We pride ourselves on sourcing talent by clearly identifying and attracting top-tier executives who possess the requisite skills, passion, and innovative mindset to lead organizations towards excellence.

Our Approach

Our approach to executive search is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs and the specific demands of the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors. We work closely with our clients to identify the key leadership qualities required for success in their unique organizational contexts. By thoroughly assessing candidates against these criteria, we ensure that our clients have access to a diverse pool of highly qualified executives. Our rigorous selection process considers factors such as industry experience, leadership acumen, cultural fit, and the ability to drive innovation.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond merely finding talented leaders; we aim to match the unique needs and aspirations of our clients with executives who align seamlessly with their organizational culture and values. We recognize that the success of any organization depends not only on the individual capabilities of its leaders but also on their ability to foster collaboration, inspire teams, and drive innovation. Our rigorous and meticulous search process ensures that we identify candidates who possess not only the necessary technical expertise but also the qualities to effectively lead and motivate teams in this rapidly changing industry.

Partnering with Berke Executive Search means gaining a strategic advantage in acquiring exceptional leadership talent. We understand that organizations operating in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors require leaders who can navigate the intricacies of regulatory frameworks, stay ahead of emerging scientific advancements, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Our commitment to understanding these unique challenges empowers us to identify leaders who can drive innovation, create sustainable growth, and steer organizations towards long-term success.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of life science-focused executive search veterans who’ve developed an outstanding reputation—both as individuals and as an organization—for being the best known as a highly-skilled, deeply trusted group of professionals valued for our authenticity and transparency. Our team has built a dynamic organization that boasts the resources and global reach of a larger practice as well as the responsivity, specialized expertise, and individualized attention that are the hallmarks of high-performing boutique firms. 

Managing Partner & CEO

Carl Berke

Carl, Berke Search’s namesake and founder, is a healthcare and life sciences executive search professional who launched Berke to strategically address the challenges industry leaders often encounter during their searches for best-fit executive talent. Before starting the company, Carl had spent nearly his entire career amassing professional search and recruitment experience, conducting searches at the executive, board, and senior commercial levels and for a wide variety of scientific and technical leadership positions. 

The trusted, longstanding relationships Carl has with both organizations candidates afford him unfettered insight into the needs, challenges, and concerns senior staff often face during an executive search. Because Carl has dedicated the better part of his career to this industry, he’s extraordinarily mission-focused. 

He appreciates and has a deep respect for the integral role healthcare and life sciences industries play in improving and saving people’s lives. This knowledge provides Carl and his team with the fuel and the focus to successfully complete every executive search with speed and precision. Carl’s wide network of industry contacts know him as a trusted, seasoned business leader who can be counted on to participate in dozens of industry conferences each year. He’s respected for his enormous dedication and indefatigable energy. Carl relies on a meticulous, carefully designed approach to executive search that he’s continuously refined over the years.


Ultimately, Carl’s years of industry experience and hundreds of successful searches have established Berke Search as a deeply trusted, highly sought-after executive search firm.

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VP of Sourcing & Recruitment

Kerri Kapwinski

Kerri joined Berke Executive Search in 2004 after working for ten years as a financial analyst for GE Capital. Bringing that analytical, systematic approach to her responsibilities at Berke, Kerri handles a wide range of systems, processes, and tasks for the organization.

Charged with overseeing operations, Kerri provides invaluable daily support to the core search team, drawing up and tracking client contracts, handling company accounts, and managing the team’s schedules. Kerri also carries out all administrative functions and ensures the physical office and the entire Berke team have the resources they need to function optimally.


In addition to managing internal operations, Kerri conducts a great deal of client- and candidate-facing work, managing client relations and taking a hands-on part in the entire candidate recruitment process. From performing initial research and contacting potential candidates, to evaluating them as they move through the candidate selection and vetting process and serving as a candidate development resource, Kerri performs tasks in every stage of each search.


On a high level, Kerri develops and implements strategies to continuously improve our operations, creating solutions and instituting best practices that enable Berke Search to consistently provide the best possible services to our clients

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Managing Partner

Bryan Kennedy

Bryan Kennedy is an analyst by training with a passion for helping pioneering organizations attract and secure the highly specialized talent required to drive innovation in Cell and Gene Therapy. Bryan uses his systematic research approach to provide unmatched market intelligence that enables our organization to have a deep understanding of this new era of Medicine. Berke Executive Search leverages the research to optimize and enhance their proven process of securing top industry talent.


Before joining Berke, Bryan was a Head of Research at The Discovery Labs, where he oversaw all research efforts for the rapidly growing Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO. In his time with The Discovery Labs, Bryan developed a deep and profound understanding of the CGT sector, including therapeutic developers, supporting services (CRO and CDMO), and the challenges and gaps of  this young industry faces, especially around talent.


Bryan is an avid reader of industry publications, a frequent attendee of the industry and investment banking conferences (in-person and virtual), and is well networked in CGT. His approach to each client engagement is unique and market-driven. 

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Berke Executive Search Delivers Results For Some of Science's Most Cutting-Edge Organizations, Check Out What Some of Our Client's Have to Say About Our Service!

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Carl as both a candidate and a customer. As a candidate, Carl was able to utilize his vast network to identify me as a potential fit for a C Suite position as I had not met Carl prior him reaching out. Having worked with several Executive Recruiting firms throughout my career, my experience with Carl was extremely positive. Carl kept me well informed and provided invaluable insight into the process and personalities I was dealing with. My experience with Carl on the other side of the table was equally as positive. Carl goes out of his way to understand the organization, our specific needs, our culture and what candidates best fit within those parameters. I have enjoyed working with Carl and always appreciate and value his insight."

Walt Kaczmarek
Chief Operating Officer, Aceto Corporation

“Carl Berke and his team of support have the unique and focused ability to match a company’s needs with the right executives who possess the talent to take a targeted organization to the next level. The Berke team has relationships in the life sciences sector that enable him to locate and acquire highly qualified candidates who are not only “cultural fits” but are professionals that are also performers with real track records. Their vast experience coupled with the firm’s success in placing high achieving performers with the right company gives Berke Executive Search the competitive edge that is very rarely seen. Their most valuable quality that embraces everything already mentioned is their unsurpassed integrity. The team is always honest and genuine. In today’s world, dealing with  recruiters like the Berke team is most refreshing.”

Tammy McIntyre
President of GAVIS Pharmaceuticals, Novel Laboratories, former CEO of Apotex USA

“Carl, Susan and the Berke Executive Search Team helped to locate my current position at Mayne Pharma as VP of Generic Product Sales. They have helped Mayne with numerous executive position placements and provide invaluable contacts and access to key pharma talent. Carl and Susan are responsive and professional and make working with them easy. I know we will continue to use Berke for our executive recruitment needs.”

Beth Hamilton
Vice President Generic Product Sales

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